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Affiliate Solutions

As an affiliate or distributor your customers can access live inventory from a wide range of suppliers while you earn a margin share on all tickets sold. You will reduce contracting and administration costs allowing you to concentrate resources on driving sales. To help you keep track of your inventory, all our supplier, affiliate and distribution solutions come with access to a suite of real time sales reports. You can find a range of our solutions below.

How it Works

Full Integration and XML Feeds

If you don't want the customer to leave your website during the entire buying process, then we can make this happen. We'll work with you and your web developer to integrate our feeds into fully into your site. This means the customer feels they are buying from you, their trusted source!

White Label Solution

With a white label solution we will design a site in your branding guidelines which you can use as an extention of your site and direct your traffic through to. Customers will  leave your main site to go through to the white label ticketing page. However you can direct customers through to different products with ease through banners, site takeovers, editorial and more, this is especially great if you've got a specific campaign on a specific product you wish to push! 
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