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Supplier Solutions

As a supplier of tickets and products you may be interested in finding out how we can help get your products on sale through our affiliate and distribution network. So if you want to access new channels but have full transparency of all sales going directly from your inventory, then get in touch and have a chat about how we can help you.

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TicketSwitch Connect

An easy, low cost solution that enables electronic distribution of your tickets by connecting your existing and new affiliate partners directly to your inventory systems.

TicketSwitch GDS

An extension of the Connect solution that enables you to benefit from Ingresso’s global and specialist electronic distribution network with full promotional and marketing support. We work with you to target market places suited to your products.

TicketSwitch Host

A solution that allows you to benefit from a full featured hosted web ticket shop connected to your ticket inventory system.

TicketSwitch Redeem

A white label solution that enables you to efficiently maximise opportunities with loyalty programs and discount promotion companies by automating the after sales processes associated with the redemption of their vouchers.

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